Pas d'elevation

Élévation is the ability of a dancer to attain height in dancing. Huge fan of Evgenia Obraztsova. Mostly inspired by Mathilde Froustey, Kristina Shapran, Alina Cojocaru, Yulia Stepanova, Diana Vishneva, Olga Smirnova, Natalia Osipova, Aurelie Dupont and Alina Somova.Julia,16. Aspiring ballerina. Vaganova & French technique combined. Participant of Paris Opera Ballet Summer Intensive 2013, 2014 and Dance Open Ballet Festival 2013 & 2014. Also participating in the Cannes Rosella High Tower Summer Intensive 2014. Competitor in Tanzolymp 2013 and Nordic-Baltic Ballet Competition 2013 & 2014.



Olga Smirnova

Come on. How can this girl be called “the Ice Queen”?

the ice queen is actually such a great compliment if you take it out of context I would love to be ice queen

Nicolas Le Riche
photo: lisemalgardée


Evgenia Obraztsova, Shurale
male is unknown, if you know who it is, please add it in and delete this!

Mikhail Lobukhin(he’s always the unknowns hah)

T. Gimadiyeva in Paquita

Nureyev and Gullem. Photo by Gilles Tapie.

Maya Plisetskaya as Myrtha in Giselle, 1956
ph. scanned from I, Maya Plisetskaya by Maya Plisetskaya